There are many ways you can contribute to build Cov19Tech into an informative resource for all to use:

  • Contribute content such as writeups details
  • Send feedback or suggest corrections
  • Help with the design and coding of the website
  • Share the site with friends, colleagues, and over social media

The easiest way for quick feedback is either through the contact form or by sumitting an issue to the GitHub repository

Alternatively, the source code and content for the site is available on GitHub, and pull requests can be submitted. The site is built with Hugo. As is the Hugo standard, the content for the site is under the /content folder. Data for the summary table is in the /data folder. We welcome any pull requests.

Please don’t hesitate to contribute - nothing is too small. Since many of the apps are only available regionally, we need help gathering information from users in different countries - the experience with the apps, screenshots, etc. We’d also love to hear from developers of the apps - if you are a developer of a contact tracing app, please do get in touch.